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Zenishi wine cellar is located in Khashmi, well-known historic site of Kakheti region, Georgia.
The Company specializes in high quality Qvevri dry wine mart segment.
Modern Wine Cellar stores 48 clay vessels, known as Qvevri.
Qvevri vessels buried in the ground are used for making, ageing and storing the wine.
Winemaking process consists of pouring the grapes from the vintage (including grape skin, seed, stalk and pip) into Qvevri. While the fermentation/ boiling progress, the mixture is stirred 7-8 times daily. After the fermentation is finished, Qvevri is sealed.
Wine production process involves storing and ageing of the wine in Qvevri during the year.
Zenishi Winery combines Georgian traditional approaches and modern technological advances in its final product.
Today you can buy our very limited wines in: 8000 Vintages wine shop; Reserve Wine Tasting Shop; Using as well the online platform winedelivery.ge and vendoo.ge;

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